Fields of Application


Drop Tunnel

The Drop Tunnel is an ideal machine for chilling or freezing all those small bulk products that can be moved during processing, so as to avoid agglomerates reaching the outlet.

The tunnel employs a structure with parallel, opposing planes, which allows the treated products to travel in small drops from top to bottom to prevent them from sticking together, thus maintaining their appearance.
This machine is excellent for ravioli, tortellini and generally all fresh filled and non-filled pasta.

With the appropriate modifications the machine can be adapted as a simple pasta dryer.

The advantages of the Frigo Impianti Drop Tunnel are:

  • Absolute adaptability to any production line and space for installation;
  • Easily washable and inspectable structure;
  • Belt designed to eliminate unwanted marking on processed products;
  • Maximising output in a small footprint.
  • High cost/benefit ratio.
Caduta crocchette - Raffreddamento pet food Raffreddamento pet food
Filmato caduta - Surgelazione tortellini Surgelazione tortellini
Linea 200 Kg - Raffreddamento tortellini Raffreddamento tortellini
Tunnel caduta tortellini - Surgelazione tortellini Surgelazione tortellini