Quality Policy

Our policy is ‘Nature guides us’, we have always operated in this sense and will continue to do so. We will always look for new technologies, also through cooperation with customers, that will allow us to obtain more and more natural end products, making systems ever more respectful for the environment.

The Company has established this policy in order to implement the requirements of Regulations (EC) No. 2023/2006 e 1935/2004.

Company Management identifies the manufacture of a product that meets the requirements of legality, safety, quality and hygiene laid down by the regulations in force, as the priority objective of its policy and considers the service provided to be characterised by maximum professionalism, flexibility, efficiency and punctuality.

One of the priority objectives is to continuously improve the quality of the product and service offered through:

  1. Compliance with current legislation on articles in contact with foodstuffs;
  2. The careful selection of raw materials and suppliers;
  3. The application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to the entire production process;
  4. Continuous training (classroom and field) of its employees in GMP;
  5. The verification of the conformity of the manufactured product;
  6. The constant verification of the established rules.

Company Management considers the Quality Assurance and Control System-GMP to be the most appropriate means to better meet customers’ expectations and at the same time pursue its priority objectives.

Constant attention to GMP is a decisive factor for the company’s success in guaranteeing a quality product even in comparison to what our main competitors in the market offer.

We have always been and will continue to be committed to ensuring that our plants save energy and that increasing percentages of recyclable materials are used in them.

With the implementation of a documented Quality Management System, and even in the absence of an Environmental Management System, Frigo Impianti S.r.l.makesa commitment by which it targets:

  • Maximum effectiveness in pursuing customer satisfaction through the provision of products and services that comply with specified requirements, aiming to exceed their own expectations, while also preventing environmental pollution through the promotion of systems adopted in our plants such as:
  1. HEAT RECOVERY, which allows heat to be obtained inside the cells (by exploiting the hot gas in the refrigeration circuit) without consuming additional electricity that would otherwise be required by means of electrical resistors;
  2. ENERGY SAVING, which allows outside air to be used when it is at certain temperature and humidity values, without the system being activated to achieve the same conditions;
  3. PHASECK, Frigo impianti’s patented system, which not only provides a final product with better organoleptic properties, but also means that it is obtained more quickly and with consequent energy savings.
  • Maximum internal efficiency, which, through the ability to optimise costs, is able to provide products and services at competitive prices, and which provides the company with the stability and resources necessary to enable innovation, development and continual improvement.

In addition to this main purpose, by means of the Management System and thanks to compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Frigo Impianti S.r.l. is engaged in activities aimed at:

  • continuously complying with legislation and regulations and all requirements applicable to the company
  • raising the culture of quality in the people working in the organisation, involving them in the knowledge of the importance of their work;
  • preventing, reducing and/or eliminating business risks, because they cause waste and defects that produce additional costs and possible damage to customers;
  • meeting the demands of its customers and committing to communicate, involve and take into account the expectations of all interested parties;
  • continuously improving the product/service provided in line with market requirements through marketing surveys and meetings with customers;
  • carrying out a continuous adaptation of the company’s production capacity and flexibility in order to maintain a high competitiveness of its products and an optimal quality/price ratio in compliance with all applicable laws;
  • involving and conveying the Policy to staff at all levels through regular meetings;
  • setting and achieving measurable targets to assess the effectiveness of the Management System.

To this end, subject to compliance with applicable laws, technical contractual regulations and product safety regulations, it decides to establish and maintain a management program for the planning and control of all activities affecting quality.

Responsibility for the establishment, application and maintenance of the Management System lies with the Quality System Manager.

This Person has the authority and organisational freedom to:

  • promote the necessary actions to prevent the occurrence of product, service, process and management system non-conformities;
  • identify and record any problems related to the product, service, process and management system;
  • initiate, propose or provide solutions through established channels;
  • verify the implementation of solutions;
  • monitor the further processing or delivery of the nonconforming product until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected;

All company personnel are obliged to act in accordance with this manual and the procedures referred to herein.

Any divergences between the Management System Manager and other managers will be brought to the attention of Management for their resolution.

Management, as a direct contribution to the implementation of the system:

  • Provides the human, technological and economic resources necessary to implement and properly manage this Management System;
  • Coordinates the design, implementation and evolution activities of the System;
  • Monitors and evaluates the results obtained by activating all necessary initiatives to improve their effectiveness and reliability;
  • Makes this Policy publicly available and brings it to the attention of all human resources, involving them, so that it is understood, shared, implemented and kept active.

Document updated on 07.07.2023