Our services

We know how important it is to support the customer at all stages of a project, from the feasibility study to after-sales: that is why Frigo Impianti offers a range of services rarely offered on the market with which we guarantee maximum reliability and commitment to every customer:


    One of our technicians takes charge of a project and guides the customer, through the right questions supported by an inspection, to find the most suitable solution for their ideas and needs. In this first phase, it is important to understand the feasibility of a project, offering the best solution in line with the customer’s expectations and real needs.

  • Project

    Once a solution has been found, this is translated into a project; at this stage our technician produces a budget offer and a rough layout. Here you will see the technical solutions that have been established together with our engineers, who analyse each case and provide the customer with a very complete picture of the proposed solution.


    Once the project is approved, installation is carried out by Frigo Impianti’s specialised technicians who guarantee an excellent end result in the shortest possible time. The final tests on each system are carried out by a specialised engineer who will make the final adjustments until final acceptance.


    During the months following installation, routine inspections will be carried out to check the functioning of the system and individual components.

    Our technical department is always ready to provide spare parts in a timely manner should the need arise to avoid downtime.

    Remote monitoring can be carried out in the event of faults or malfunctions thanks to the remote assistance provided with all our systems.