Fields of Application



Since 1991, Frigo impianti has specialised in the construction of systems for ham salting, resting, drying, pre-maturation and maturation.

Our technologies, combined with the skills of our experts, support the customer in solving all problems related to the various production stages of raw hams.

Type of systems:

The system consists of static evaporators hanging from the ceiling, and fireplaces containing a hot water coil (or a series of electric heaters) applied to the side walls of the room. Alternatively, it is possible to use a ventilated salting system with the aid of ducts (standard or circular) and an air handling unit. Itis essential to control the temperature and relative humidity for normal Salt absorption. The salting period varies from 15 to 21 days depending on the weight of the raw material.

The system proposes a AHU positioned inside or outside the room with air distribution via a central duct, complete with appropriately sized special diffusers. The air intake will be placed directly in the AHU.

The important thing at this stage is to work at relatively low humidity, which allows a gradual dehydration of the product and avoids the possibility of fouling.

The Drying phase lasts 1 week, the process will serve to raise the internal temperature of the product in order to trigger the enzymatic processes.

This intermediate phase, lasting approximately 6 to 12 weeks, will allow further dehydration of the product

The maturation system will serve to maintain temperature and humidity control, all of which will help the product develop its best characteristics.

Energy savings:

  • Enthalpy or Energy Saving: use of outside air when the climatic conditions are suitable for processing the product;
  • Heat recovery: the heat generated by the compressor is not dispersed but recovered and used in the production process, eliminating the need for other heat sources.
  • Economiser: by under-cooling the coolant, a higher cooling capacity is achieved for the same electrical power input.
  • Modulation of cold and heat valves: to improve the performance of the system according to the actual needs of the product during the different maturation phases.
  • Hot gas defrosting system: enables better and shorter defrosting of the cooling coil, resulting in energy savings.