Fields of Application


The advantages that our installations offer are:

  • Uniformity of defrosting throughout the room;
  • Reduced protein loss and therefore weight loss;
  • Food safety of the product;
  • Reduced energy costs.

Type of systems:
Our ‘SCT’ defrosting systems consist of an Air Handling Unit with integrated cooling unit and exchange coils, installed outside the chamber.
Ventilation is fed into the chamber through ducts fitted with custom-designed air cones and valves.
The duration of the defrosting cycle depends on the type of product and can be set with a preset work time, by setting the machine parameters to cycles of fixed duration, or automatic with temperature and humidity variations managed directly by the PLC, ending when the product has reached the desired temperature, preset by the user.
A humidification system modulates the humidity in the chamber to increase heat transfer to the product.
At the end of the cycle, the machine automatically switches to the ‘maintenance’ phase to keep the product at a constant temperature until the operator removes the product.< Defrosting is customised to the specific needs of the customer and the product, thus optimising defrosting time and avoiding loss of liquids and valuable substances from the product as much as possible. SCT systems in a nutshell:

  • Integrated air handling unit;
  • Double probe for core and surface product temperature monitoring;
  • Plc to manage and monitor processing parameters;
  • Automatic room humidification system;
  • Remote supervision and remote assistance system.