Spiral Tunnel







General description:

The Frigo Impianti Spiral Tunnel is a system designed to be used on medium and large production lines, which enables pasteurising, cooling or deep-freezing of all loose or packaged products that must remain immobile on the belt during processing, for example, hamburgers, pizzas, croissants, ready-made meals, etc.

All our tunnels and spirals are designed and built according to the requirements of each individual customer in order to optimise performance and make them adaptable to any productive need.

Technical specifications:

One of the characteristics of our spirals concerns the ventilated system, which, using a dual evaporator, optimises the system’s refrigerating system and guarantees perfect ventilation inside the room.

Handling occurs by means of a central drum that moves the belt, which has already been placed under tension by a motor reducer, when it turns. This system guarantees:

• minimum friction;
• elimination of any mechanical traction (such as metal gears);
• elimination of the continuous use of lubricants in the immediate vicinity of products to be treated.

The belt used is a low voltage modulating belt, which has the following characteristics:

• made of certified plastic material, which is suitable for the type of treatment to carry out, it enables direct contact with loose and packaged foods;
• low friction coefficient, elevated resistance to wear and tear and traction ensure greater reliability and durability over time;
• all moving surfaces and other profiles in contact with the belt are made in high-density molecular polyethylene;
• the joining hinges, designed for the passage of detergents, guarantee superior levels of sanitation to standard ones;
• the belt surfaces are non-stick to allow perfect detachment of the product and residues during cleaning;
• the design is developed to eliminate/reduce marking of treated products.

The spiral structure is made of stainless steel with special techniques to ensure maximum sanitisation during washing.

All supporting arms of the belt and other tubing of the structure are TIG welded and rotated by 45° so as to avoid having flat surfaces on which deposits may form.

The chambers may be furnished with different degrees of isolation and with particular technical techniques according to the operating temperature and conditions of installation.

The tunnels are totally managed by a control panel equipped with a coloured touch-screen graphic display (320×240 pixels – 256 colours  – backlit) and provided with a software developed in-house, which enables the adjustment of belt speed, ventilation, refrigerating system parameters, etc.

The machines are built, pre-assembled and pre-tested at our company before shipping. This is done in order to ensure their correct operation and to prepare installation at the customer site as best we can.

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