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The Company



We are a company that has operated on the international market for over twenty years and we specialise in designing and making:
• systems for drying, smoking and maturation of cold cuts, hams, cheeses and fish;
• defrosting systems for meats and fish;
• cleanrooms and air-conditioning systems;
• refrigerators;
• pasteurisation, cooling and deep-freezing tunnels;
• central refrigerating systems.

The strong attention to market trends, combined with many years of experience in these areas, allow us to create innovative technological solutions with a high standard of quality in terms of performance and reliability, all put together around the individual needs of our clients.

Moreover, constant investments in research and development enable us to look out at the global market with products that are increasingly responding to the different problems linked to the diversity of food and production processes found in other countries.


Our company was founded more than twenty years ago by the commitment of four partners from Umbria, who, after having accumulated many years of experience in the fields of industrial refrigeration and curing of cold cuts and cheeses, decided to research and put forward innovative technological solutions on the market to improve the quality of products linked with the Italian gastronomic tradition.

The reliability and high performance of the first machines, together with the ability to communicate trust and solidity to clients, has enabled us to grow and diversify the range of our products, to become one of the top Italian companies that manufactures systems for the food industry, operating on the international market.


Our philosophy is to make systems that fully satisfy the requirements of our clients, guaranteeing high operating performance and reliability over the years.
In order to do so, we believe that the only way is to offer an impeccable, continuous service that is able to involve the client in our work and instil a mutual relationship of trust.

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