General description:

Our supervision and remote control system is able to control and manage all the systems we produce.

This system, which is composed of an in-house developed software and a dedicated PC (connected to the systems by means of a 485 serial line) enables the programming and remote control of all “user” parameters and regulation of historical values of: temperature, humidity, pH and alarms of each individual system, for a period of 18 months.

Thanks to this information available over time, it is an easy and quick way to keep constant control of production performance from any part of the world.

User parameter settings:

Through a series of detailed screens, it is possible to program all the parameters of each individual system in a more convenient quick way, since it seems as though you were doing it from the keyboard of the display on the machine.

Once they have been input, the values are sent to the system controller, who uses them to change processing according to the user’s requests.

Recording system probe values:

According to the system’s controlled to the characteristics, it is possible to have a “Graphic” view of performance over time of the following sizes: 
  Room temperature 
   Room humidity 
   Product pH 
   Air exchange activation 
   Energy-saving activation 
   Evaporator temperature

Or display, via a table REPORT:

Recordings are memorised on the hard disk of the user PC in order to enable consultation of historical values for a period of 18 months established by the laws in force. It is, however, possible to make a backup of all data in order to keep information for a longer period of time.

Recording of alarms:

The computer also memorises each alarm generated in any one of the supervised systems, which specifies: 
   Date and time of activation and deactivation 
   Description and type of alarm 
   Reference to the system involved

System layout display:

By means of a special screen, it is possible to control the status of each individual system immediately.

In addition to the values of the analogical quantities (temperature probe, humidity probe, gas pressure probe, etc.), it is also possible to see the digital values that show the ON/OFF state of all system devices.

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