Thanks to the expertise acquired over the years and having a well-structured and well-established organisation, our company guarantees maximum professionalism, reliability and cordiality.
We are able to meet any production requirement, from designing individual systems to those of whole establishments.
Clients who decide to work with us have 360° service at their disposal and assistance that follows them constantly before, during, and after the purchase of systems.

Hereunder is a brief list of what we can offer you:
• Preliminary analysis of the technical feasibility of a project;
• Designing systems;
• Assistance during the whole procedure of designing the project;
• Free estimate;
• Assistance in finding sources of financing;
• Technical coordination during execution of works;
• Installation and testing of systems by means of own specialised staff;
• Client staff training to use the systems;
• Assistance by a team of technologists specialised in product processing and treatment;
• After-sales technical assistance;

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