Resting for cold cuts and hams


General description:

RSC is a “resting” system for products that have already been through the salting phase, such as hams, pork necks, bacon, etc. Thanks to this system, the products that have completed their salting process find suitable conditions to undergo the right process of liquid mass loss without creating superficial crusts.

This system enables perfect control of temperature and humidity parameters inside the room, which must remain stable throughout the whole process to avoid undesired bacteria from developing.

The system consists of a series of static evaporators positioned on the ceiling and a series of convectors furnished with fans and coils supplied by hot water coming from an external boiler.

The refrigerating unit is placed outside the room.

The size and power is adapted according to the customer’s requirements.

Temperature and humidity in the room are directly managed and controlled by an electronic control unit that guarantees perfect execution during treatment.

Ventilation system:

The principle function of the ventilation system is based on specific circulation of hot air, which is pushed upwards by the convectors placed on the side walls and cold air generated from the static evaporators placed on the ceiling. The fireplaces are completely made of stainless steel (this is fundamental due to the high corrosion rate that is typical of salts used in this type of processing).

Electronic control:

The control system is composed of a power panel controlled by a user terminal with a 4X20 character LCD screen and keyboard with 15 buttons.

By following the simple instructions provided by the software developed by the company, the user can control the system, set the processing parameters (set-point and differential) and all other advanced functions (air exchange, work pauses, etc.).

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