Maturation system for cheese


General description:

”FLEX” is an extremely flexible and reliable ventilated maturing system, which is recommended to whomever wishes to adopt an economic and quick instrument to mature various types of cheese.

Air Treatment Unit:

The Air Treatment Unit consists of one or more bi-flow evaporators with two functions of:

Ø  Refrigeration – by means of two Freon direct expansion side evaporation coils for thermal exchange, which is supplied by a thermostatic valve;

Ø  Heating – by means of an independent circuit from the side coils, which is supplied by hot water from the boiler and connected to the pump unit supplied by us.

Ventilation system:

The operating principle of the FLEX ventilation system is based on continuous air circulation, obtained from the joint work of the Air Treatment Unit and the anti-stratifiers placed on the walls affected by the jet of air.

The Treatment Unit expels air from the side coils towards the walls where the anti-stratifiers direct it downwards. Thanks to the suction force of the fans in front of the A.T.U., the air rises towards the trolleys, evenly covering the entire product.

Electronic control:

The control system is composed of a power panel controlled by a “user terminal” composed of a 4X20 character LCD screen.

By following the simple instructions of the tailor-made software developed for the terminals from our company, the user can control the system, set the processing parameters and all the other advanced functions (air exchange, work pauses, etc.).

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