Drying-smoking system for fish


General description:

The ”AVF” system was founded on the need to dry and smoke different types of fish in the same room.

Its particularity is given by the fact that the drying and smoking phases may be carried out in a totally independent way through a series of separate and overlapping ducts, which are respectively used to expel air and smoke.

This system enables to eliminate the danger of the drying system from being attacked by corrosion due to the smoking process.

The air and smoke distribution and recovery ducts are connected to an ”Air Treatment Unit” placed outside the room in order to ensure better conservation of the internal refrigerating parts.

Moreover, the washing circuit of the ducts (all in stainless steel) favours continuous system cleaning.

Air Treatment Unit:

The heart of the system is an ”air treatment unit” known as ATU, which is composed of:

 a refrigerating section;

a heating section supplied by hot gas or hot water (+60°C);

  a ventilating section.

The ”AVF” system is also equipped with a heat-recovery system, which is a system that enables the recovery of heat condensation during operation of the refrigerating compressor, thus avoiding the need to obtain external heat sources and therefore allowing significant energy saving over time.

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