General description:

PHASECK is an evolution of the “TURBO” classic drying system.

This model takes its name from the now well-known “PHASECKdrying system, which was patented by our company a few years ago.

Among all its benefits, the “PHASECK” system guarantees the elimination of bacterial pathogens, faster maturation, a considerable curb in the reduction of weight and, most of all, perfect PH control (without the need for probes to the centre), thus enhancing product fragrance as well as taste.

Air Treatment Unit:

The heart of the system is an ”air treatment unit” known as ATU, which is composed of:

1.     a refrigerating section;

2.     a heating section supplied by hot gas or hot water (+60°C);

3.     a ventilating section.

The ”AVM” system is also equipped with a heat-recovery system, which is a system that enables the recovery of heat condensation during operation of the refrigerating compressor, thus avoiding the need to obtain external heat sources and therefore allowing significant energy saving over time.

Ventilation system:

The main function of the ventilation system is based on the continuous circulation of air.

During the ”flow” of air emitted by the side ducts, which are connected to a ventilated section equipped with a regulation flow valve to constantly regulate the intake of air inside it, it goes down until it meets the vents that guide it towards the trolleys, forcing the flow to evenly ventilate the product.

During the ”return” phase, air is sucked up by ducts placed over the trolleys and ends its journey by returning to the Air Treatment Unit (ATU) from where it started.

Electronic control:

The control system is composed of a power panel controlled by a user terminal with a coloured touch-screen.

By following the software’s easy instructions, the user may:

·         manage and control the whole system as well as monitor the relative temperature and humidity values;

·      set the parameters of four different ”modes” of operation (manual, semi-automatic, automatic and PHASECK) and all other advanced functions (air exchange, work pauses, etc.);

·         record and visualise the graphic process of various variables (temperature, humidity, etc.);

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