3 day process


General description

The “3-Day Process” is a new production process for “rapid maturation” of sliced cold cuts created by Frigo Impianti S.r.l. with whom it’s possible to produce matured sliced cold cuts (such as salami, pork necks, ham, etc.) of any nationality and calibre without any “special” additives or starters are required since the dehydration process of the slices uses the same operation logic as traditional drying and maturation.

The peculiarity of cold cuts obtained in this way is to have a good standard of quality in a very short time (only three days), allowing for high production flexibility and a considerable reduction in production and management costs.

Production Line

The “3-Day Process” may be carried out by means of a 200Kg/h “semi-automatic” production line, or a 400-500Kg/h “automatic” line.


The “3-Day Process” offers a number of advantages for the production and marketing of sliced cold cuts compared to traditional methods, and they are summarised as follows:

• Increase in productivity with a relative risk reduction of damaging the product during production processing;

• High flexibility of the productive cycle;

• The ability to rapidly develop new products in line with those that are the market trends and lifestyle of end consumers today;

• Direct production cost reduction for the same product obtained;

• Significant reduction of space for the production unit with equal quantities produced;

• Reduction in supply on hand (with the possibility to produce just in time);

• Less financial costs due to an increase in cash flow.

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